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About - Pacamara


Flavor wise what to expect with our Pacamara from Aotori Japan:

  • Is a selection of fruity notes like orange and lime
  • A medium to full body
  • A strong warm aroma 
  • Notes of chocolate and honey


As the variety is a hybrid is not uniform; plants are constantly changing the notes from one generation to the next.There is a small price to pay for this exceptional coffee that will come at a price that is prone to diseases normal in coffee plantations. 

Pacamara is a hybrid between the Bourbon mutation Pacas and Maragogype. It was bred in and native to El Salvador in 1958, trying to achieve a Typica variety that produces larger beans.


About Pacas it is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety found in El Salvador in 1949 and is the standard coffee of The Central America region.

Maragogipe is considered to be a natural mutation from Typica. It was first discovered near Maragogipe, in Brazil's state Bahia. Maragogype is well known for producing big beans.