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Geisha 05

Geisha 05

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Whole beans . Expresso
Filter . French press

Speciality coffee - Gourmet quality  - 87/100 points

Description of origin

[Geisha] Is a strain of coffee that originated in Ethiopia. The cultivation spread to various parts of the world, entering America by Costa Rica and Panama and eventually reaching El Salvador.

El Salvador obtained the CoE (Cup of Excellence) for the [Geisha] coffee in the year 2018.

Source facts.

  • Harvested: above 1,300 mamsl.
  • Country of Origin: El Salvador.
  • Harvested Area: Northern.
  • Toast Level: medium
  • Process: Natural.

Flavors  of Geisha 05

  • Honey  
  • Fruits
  • Floral

 Expected flavor profile

  • Richness: 3
  • Sourness: 1
  • Bitterness: 2