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Our team

Shogo Takizawa (Hokkaido, Japan)

Co-founder of the company.

I became curious and interested in coffee as a part of my daily routine, the difference in the tastes, aromas, and qualities that are intrinsic in the making and process.

Introduced by the other co-founder, to a different range of coffee realizing that this is a chance to introduce to the Japanese market a new experience. Due the familiarity and comprehension from the coffee as a national export product of his country of procedence, El Salvador.



Luis Calderon (El Salvador)

Co-founder of the company.

As Salvadoran, coffee has been an intrinsic part of my daily life from an early age. Culturally and historically El Salvador has been the crucible of different kinds of coffee. As growing up I entered and started to be more interested in coffee as a hobby.

Combining the curiosity and interest of Takizawa-san, and my hobby we have started this as an entrepreneurship. Bringing the best quality coffee that Latin America can offer to Japan.


Richard Spencer (UK)

Business strategy.

As a coffee enthusiast I came around the site of Aomori, and being working close to one of the founders of the company, it spiked my interest into the new types of coffees and flavors they introduced me to. 

Has been an amazing experience working with the company, and is a growing experience for all of the team involved in the company.

Zhao Xin (China)

Company Collaborator.

As I came to Japan, I met Luis in a language exchange activity, to improve my skills of communication. It was interesting how over a cup of coffee, the description and the comments on how to enjoy coffee. After some meetings I was engaged in supporting the efforts of entrepreneurship with his business partner.


Gou Matsumoto (Japan)

Company Collaborator.

As a friend from the co-founders, I was amazed by this entrepreneurship having the cultures focussing in what it may be a great result on a new cofee experience. Helping and correcting Japanese to English and vice versa translations for the site.


Willber Calderon (El Salvador)

Company collaborator. 

Photography from El Salvador and coffee plantations has been taken by this amazing photographer.