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"High quality coffee" what does this mean?

Our coffee is checked before and tested by our team before importing to Japan to assure high standards. 

We will unormally use the words "high quality" and "Cup of Excellence" as a measure of the quality of the grains we are importing. Is important to mention that the coffee is rated by a third party before importing to Japan and the decision of purchase is made.

Type of coffee?

About the types of coffee meaning the strain or family where it comes from, we provide the information in the product description 

Where is the coffee from?

The coffee origin is normally provided in the product description now of purchase.

Is there any blend coffee?

We do not offer any blends of coffee.

What kind of coffee is this?

We normally will provide high quality coffee, please contact us to our customer support email for further information.

Where are the countries? 

Please click in the below list to have a Wikipedia link to the country information.